Iconic French-Japanese Fashion Designer, Kenzo Takada Died At Age 81

Kenzo Takada, who maked his brand in Paris in the 1970s, died at age 81 from COVID-19 on Sunday, the label that carries his name said.

His family said that Takada died from complications from COVID-19 in a hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris. A staff for Kenzo’s brand confirmed that the designer died, but didn’t said a cause of death.

Kenzo’s death fell at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week, whose takes place a fashion season for spring-summer 2021. It was only days ago that the Kenzo fashion house unveiled its bee-themed collection there.

Kenzo Takada Died From COVID-19

Kenzo Takada Died From COVID-19

Kenzo designer was born on February 27, 1939, in Himeji, Japan. He is a hoteliers but after viewing his sisters’ fashion magazines his love of fashion stared. After that, Takada study at the Bunka College of Fashion in Tokyo. The designer had a brief stint working in Japan. He relocating to Paris in 1965, to work as a freelance designer.

In Paris 1970s, Kenzo Takada took over a boutique. Kenzo’s styles used clashing prints, bold color and it were inspired in its decoration by the jungle scenes of painter Henri Rousseau. He famed for his free-spirited aesthetic that channeled global travel, inspired by his travels all over the world. In addition, he merged with Asian styles. Takada Kenzo love trips and use of ethnic influences were strong features in his three decades.

Takada’s first collection was make completely out of cotton because he hadn’t enough money. However, his model was put on the cover of Elle magazine. A short time after, pioneering shoulder forms, large armholes, dungarees, smock tent dresses, innovative shoulder shapes, and his store was featured in U.S. Vogue. The designer showed his collections in New York and Tokyo. His contributions to fashion was significant.



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