LeAnn Rimes Shows Psoriasis In Nude Photo & Essay About Health Struggle

In honor of World Psoriasis Day on Oct. 27. LeAnn Rimes shared about her experience with the skin disorder in an essay and photoshoot with Glamor. In the photos, Rimes posed nude. And she showed what a recent psoriasis flare-up looked.

Rimes spoke about her decades-long battle with psoriasis. She said she want to give a voice to what so many other people are going through. Finally, it’s time she was honest about psoriasis is and what it looks like.

The singer began her essay by noting that she was diagnosed with the disorder by 2 years old and by age 6, “80%” of her body was “covered in painful red spots.”

LeAnn Rimes Nude

LeAnn Rimes said she struggled for years and didn’t figure out what treatment was right for her until she was 20 years old.


Rimes wrote. She tried everything she could to treat it: major medications, steroid creams. she even tried being wrapped in coal tar with Saran Wrap. And when she was in public, she did everything she could to hide it. Onstage she had often wear two pairs of pantyhose or jeans even in 95 degree heat. Underneath her shirt, her whole stomach would be covered in thick scales that would hurt and bleed. For so much of my life, she felt like she had to hide.”

She was able to control her condition in her 20s. And, LeAnn Rimes stopped the regular shots to manage it. But things changed for her this year. That was until the tension of the coronavirus pandemic struck and “all hell broke loose in the world.”

She said: Things changed this year. All hell broke loose in the world and inside of her. Suddenly she went from doing what she loves. And surrounded by people, just around the house in sweat. Stress is a common cause of psoriasis, and with so much uncertainty occurring, her flare-ups returned immediately.

Rimes said she decided to share her struggle with her skin disorder to “give a voice” with people who may be experiencing a similar experience.

After keeping her battle private for years. Rimes said speaking out about her psoriasis and nude photos was like a “sigh of relief”.

Rimes admitted that she wasn’t sure if the photos “changed her way of life”. She said, “there’s freedom in even just putting one foot outside the door”.

She hope whoever keeps himself small has the courage to step out of that cage. When we allow ourselves to be incarcerated, our lives will return to us.

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